AD Ukraine

The Group of Companies AutoDistribution Ukraine (AD Ukraine) is a national operator in import and distribution of automotive spare parts, components, working fluids and accessories.

AD Ukraine is a branch network that covers all Ukraine. AD Ukraine is a wide range of products for domestic and foreign passenger cars and trucks as well as agricultural machinery. The history of the Group of Companies has begun in 1994 with foundation of the company Autotechnics, and today AD Ukraine consists of 5 companies, each of which has its own profile.

In 2007 the Group of Companies became a member of the largest European trade group AutoDistribution International (ADl).

AD Ukraine

spare parts and service for passenger cars


spare parts and service for trucks



spare parts for CIS passenger cars


body parts, optics and car glasses

spare parts and equipment for modern diesel systems



AD International


The AutoDistribution Ukraine (AD Ukraine) Group is part of the largest European trading group AutoDistribution International (ADl).
ADI mission is to support our partners in striving for excellence in automotive distribution.
The ADI Group has been in business for more than 35 years and now operates in 26 European countries. 
Through its 19 national partners ADI represents over 500 automotive wholesale businesses weaving a network of some 2000 wholesale outlets and more than 5500 car service stations under AD private label.


It is ADI's core mission to provide support intended to maintain and raise the high standards of that service. Respectful of their different cultures and traditions in which root their specific market environments we bring people from 26 nations to have them exchange information and improve their methods by learning from each other and by transferring their acquired know-how. Our corporate AD signage shows the team spirit in which we operate. Our international manufacturers provide the most competitive high quality range. In targeting specific market segments our AD private label completes that range.
Our international AD customer concepts bond strong partnerships for lasting success and enable our concept partners to offer unique international services to car- and truck owners throughout Europe.


For detailed information on the activities of the Group see the web-site